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Universal pack for management, supervision and integration of wireless equipment. Composed of the 200-point universal server, the D-ENERGY-LOG license and the ZigBee extension gateway which integrates up to 50 certified ZigBee devices. Installation on DIN rail 4 modules.

Technical data


Universal wireless equipment management, monitoring and integration package. It consists of the universal server and the ZigBee extension gateway that integrates up to 50 certified ZigBee devices (thermostatic valves, light bulbs, I/O modules, multimeters, repeaters, etc.) and natively supports the connected DO.BUS devices. It manages up to 200 control points in total and up to 6 simultaneous client IP connections from APP, regardless of the number of user profiles and the number of authorized devices (e.g. smartphones, iPads, tablets, touch screens, etc.). It also integrates the D-ENERGY-LOG license which allows the recording and visualization of installation data (consumption, temperature, operating time, % of opening, ...). Thanks to the Dovit range, as well as to the available licenses and/or gateways, it can also manage all the other types of wired subsystems supported by the Dovit integration platform (lights, climate, irrigation, motorization, intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire, audio/video and multimedia, energy control and photovoltaic production plants, video door entry). The server is expandable with all the accessories and drivers of the Do.Control line, and allows connection to the user interface directly through multiple client devices such as IP touch screen, desktop systems such as PC, Mac, Linux and "mobile" systems such as smartphones (iOS, Android), third-party tablets, smart TVs and all devices in general that support the "DOVIT App". It natively supports the ZigBee protocol and DO.BUS. Connect modules as well as all optional extensions provided in the platform, such as integrations with ModBus IP and RTU, KNX, M-Bus, Bacnet, Dmx, Dali technologies, integration with VRF, VRV, VMC systems and temperature control buses in general (such as Mitsubishi, Samsung, Aermec, Daikin, RDZ and many others), integration of video surveillance streams (Rtsp, Mjpg, Jpg); Control multi-room systems and media streaming players with Spotify Connect. The server also includes a module to manage 24 independent schedules for each point, 250 logical events and gateway functions, 250 different messages for sending notifications (sending graphic messages to touch screens and applications and expandable with Telegram messages via the Internet), 250 scenarios (each scenario can perform up to 1,000 actions). It allows you to integrate, supervise, schedule, store and create logical reports for up to 5,000 points (including 200 points expandable to 5,000 with D-V-DPT-x), regardless of the subsystems and technologies integrated. 4-module DIN rail installation.